Kia Picanto Hatchback Spied Again In Chennai– Will It Be Launched In India?


Hyundai may not be as big as Fiat and Volkswagen but is significantly huge and owns a good share of the international market. Hyundai owns Kia, another premium brand, that has helped Hyundai reach the position it is now at. Since 2011 end the sighting of a new small car, Kia Picanto, seems to be the next interesting happening in the market.

Earlier it was in November when the car was spotted first which did not gain much attention as it was believed that the same was here for its global testing and validation. But recently the car was spotted again hinting that we might see an Indian launch of the same in a while from now.


image – Kia Picanto

Now what we were expecting has turned out to be a bit different as the car has been spotted again around the same place where it was spotted earlier. This raises a question whether Kia is actually planning to launch the hatchback here in India or not? It is quite hard even to assume that it could be launched here as Kia is not existing in our market.

Unlike Fiat which is not doing good in terms of sales and is planning to introduce more brands, Kia would not be interested anytime soon because of the fact that Hyundai is doing extremely well in the market.

Another important thing to note here is that Hyundai has a very closely positioned line-up of cars and even if Kia brings the Picanto to India it would difficult for the brand to position it in between Hyundai i10 and Hyundai i20.

Spy Pictures Of Kia Picanto


image – Kia Picanto


image – Kia Picanto

Source – TeamBHP

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