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Kia Seltos GTX Plus Trim to now come with Petrol-DCT and Diesel-Automatic Combinations!

Kia Seltos GTX Plus trim was previously only available with a petrol-manual combination but now Kia is offering petrol-automatic and diesel-automatic as well.

Kia will be launching the Seltos in India on August 22 and it is going to be the brand’s first product in India. It has already received a wonderful response in the Indian market and while Kia had already announced the several trim levels of the Seltos with its respective engine/gearbox combination, there have been some revisions to the same. The top-spec Kia Seltos GTX Plus trim will be offered with the 1.4L TGDi 7DCT and 1.5L CRDi 6AT engine/gearbox combinations.

Kia Seltos GTX Plus Trim to come with Petrol-DCT and Diesel-Automatic Combinations
Kia Seltos GTX Plus Trim to come with Petrol-DCT and Diesel-Automatic Combinations

Previously, Kia was offering the top-spec GTX Plus trim only with the 1.4L, TGDi petrol engine with just the 6-speed manual gearbox combination. There was no diesel engine on offer either for the top-spec trim. However, based on customer feedback, Kia have decided to offer the 7-speed DCT option with the 1.4L, TGDi engine on the GTX Plus trim along with the option of a diesel-automatic combination as well in the form of the 1.5L CRDi engine being offered with a 6-speed AT.

The Kia Seltos is thus offered in 18 different variants with the addition of these two variants. It is the highest number of variants offered in any vehicle in this class and they thus would have atleast one variant in each price point within its price range as well. The Kia Seltos is offered in two essential trim levels – GT line and Tech Line. The Tech Line can be had with the 1.5L, petrol and diesel engines with manual as well as automatic transmissions options. The GT Line trim, on the other hand, will be available with the 1.4L, TGDi (6MT and 7DCT) and 1.5-litre diesel (6AT) engines.

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The Kia Seltos is also the only car in this segment to be available with four transmission options. All engines come with a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard but each engine has a different automatic gearbox for itself. The 1.4L, TGDi petrol engine gets the 7-speed DCT while the 1.5L, petrol engine gets a CVT gearbox. The 1.5L, diesel engine on the other hand has the option of a six-speed torque converter automatic. All engines will be BS-VI compliant right from launch.

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The Kia Seltos promises to be great value for money. It is absolutely packed with features to the brim, some even segment firsts. The stunning looks of the SUV will really make your heads turn. When Kia finally launches the Seltos in India on August 22, it is expected to be priced at Rs. 11-17 lakhs, ex-showroom and for that money, it will sit right in the sweet spot of the mid-size SUV segment. It rivals against the likes of the Hyundai Creta, the Tata Harrier, the MG Hector, Renault Duster and the Nissan Kicks as well.