List Of Problems That Are Being Faced By Kia Seltos Owners

Car News ยป List Of Problems That Are Being Faced By Kia Seltos Owners

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The list of problems faced by Kia Seltos owners includes late delivery, poor servicing and poor quality of the components used onboard.

Kia Seltos is currently one of the most popular SUVs in India. Priced starting at Rs 9.69 Lakhs up to Rs 16.99 Lakhs (Ex-showroom), it has already made it to the top-selling cars list for the past two months.

The bookings have crossed over 60,000 units in just months of it being launched. The waiting period, however, is in much control, as the maximum that you have to wait is up to 3 months. Its price-rival MG Hector, had a waiting period of over a year.

On the other hand, many owners of the SUV have taken their problems on social media. The problems regarding Kia Seltos have been faced by many buyers, which have been clubbed ahead.

1. Overheating of Transmission

Many buyers have complained that they are getting a message on the MID that says “Transmission temperature is high. Stop Safely”. One buyer drove the Seltos GTX+ for around 100 kms and then he got the overheating message on the MID. Another buyer who has the DCT variant has experienced the same problem in just a couple of weeks of purchase.

2. Delivery of a defective car

An owner of Kia Seltos Diesel HTK 6-speed AT has discussed her problems. In the long post, she said that in just 20 days of buying, the infotainment started going off. While hopping from dealer to dealer, she finally managed to get the car fixed after 2-3 days. However, in just some time of driving again, the problem came again. Then the owner also experienced the white smoke and bad smell coming from the AC. All these problems are being faced in just 20 days of the car being purchased.

3. No response for an accident-affected car

Many users are facing trouble with the Kia service centres. One owner got into an accident within 3 days of buying the car. However, it has been over 2 months without any response from the Kia service centre, about the affected car. Similarly, another buyer has his Seltos parked at the service centre for 15 days because there are no spare parts and decent customer service available.

4. Wrong Delivery Time Period

A lot of buyers have complained that they have still not received their Seltos till now. For one buyer, it has been over 100 days since he booked the GTX DCT variant and there is no update about the delivery. Another person has the same issue and it has been 93 days since the booking. The buyers think that there is a preference system going on with the Kia dealerships.

5. Low Mileage

One specific owner has claimed that despite driving for over 450 kms on a traffic-free road and at a speed of 40 km/hr, the mileage of the GTX DCT is just 7.7 kmpl. Also, the person was constantly driving on the ECO mode and despite that, low mileage. The company claims to offer 16 kmpl with the DCT variant.