Kia UVO Connect vs Hyundai BlueLink Technology – What’s Different?

Hyundai BlueLink Technology offers 33 connected features while the Kia UVO Connect gets a total of 37 connected features.

Hyundai is known for the extensive feature list it has to offer in its portfolio and the recently launched Venue is no different. In fact, Hyundai Venue became the first connected car to receive BlueLink Technology with 33 connected features. Similarly, following the footsteps of the parent brand, Kia is all set to launch the Seltos which features UVO connect which offers 37 connected features. But is UVO Connect of Kia vs Hyundai BlueLink Technology different from each other? We tell you.

Kia UVO vs Hyundai BlueLink Technology

Remote ControlHyundai BlueLinkKia UVO Connect
N/ATPMS Status
Remote Horn and LightRemote Horn and Light
Remote Door Lock/UnlockRemote Door Lock/Unlock
N/AFuel Level Information
Remote Climate ControlRemote AC Control
Remote Engine Start/StopRemote Engine Start/Stop
Remote Vehicle StatusRemote Vehicle status
N/ARemote Pure Air on/off

Since the Kia Seltos is a segment above than the Hyundai Venue, it sure gets the tyre pressure monitoring system which is a miss in the baby SUV. Also, it gets the world’s first Smart Air Purifier that can be controlled via the app as well as the infotainment screen.

ConvenienceHyundai BlueLink TechnologyKia UVO Connect
Voice RecognitionAI Voice command
Push Maps by the call centre, Push map from car to the AppCall centre assisted navigation
Driving InformationTrip Info/ Driving Behaviour
Share my carShare My App
N/ASmart Pure Air (In Car Air Quality Monitoring)

The convenience features on the UVO connect let you control the smart pure air purifier which assures a clean and pollution-free cabin.

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NavigationHyundai BlueLinkKia UVO Connect
Live Car TrackingLive Car Tracking
Live car location sharingCar location sharing
Share the destinationDestination sharing from the car
Live Traffic InformationLive traffic information
Destination Set In LinkDestination set with a schedule
Find my carFind my car
Desired destination search
Send destination route to the car
Live POI Search
Kia Seltos booking image
Vehicle Management Hyundai BlueLinkKia UVO Connect
Monthly reportVehicle health report
Manual DTC CheckManual diagnostic alert
Auto DTC CheckAuto diagnostic alert
Timely maintenance alertMaintenance alert

Both these cars provide you with the same level of features on Vehicle Relationship Management. It lets you know the condition of the car and gives you the required reminder for the timely interval servicing of your car.

Safety & SecurityHyundai BlueLinkKia UVO Connect
Auto Crash NotificationAuto Collision Notification
Road Side NotificationRoad Side Assistance
Panic NotificationPanic Notification
Stolen Vehicle NotificationStolen Vehicle Notification
Stolen Vehicle TrackingStolen Vehicle Tracking
Stolen Vehicle ImmobolizationStolen Vehicle Immobolization
SOS NotificationSOS Emergency notification
Alert ServicesSafety Alert (GeoFence, TimeFence, Speed, Valet, Idle)

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Kia UVO Connect vs Hyundai BlueLink Technology – Which is Better?

Considering that Hyundai is a parent brand to the Kia Motors, not much is differentiated as both the technologies provide common features. Both the cars provide safety, technology, vehicle management, remote control and navigation. The end result is to provide connectivity to their respective cars and they do it in their own way.

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