Lady Driving Jeep Compass Acts Too Smart, Regrets!

Car News » Lady Driving Jeep Compass Acts Too Smart, Regrets!

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Equipped with 4×4 drivetrain, Jeep Compass is quite capable off the road but no amount of off-road capability can make up for lack of good judgement

While the Jeep Compass hasn’t been a huge sales success in our country, it still qualifies to be termed a global success with a good demand in most other markets it’s sold in. In fact, even in India, many off-roading as well as driving enthusiasts swear by this SUV’s capabilities. However, as is the case with every vehicle, even the Compass has its limitations, especially in hands of a driver that lacks good judgement. What you’ll see in the video we have below is exactly what we’re talking about here –

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Mishap Took Place in South America

This video seems to have been shot in a South American location. As you can see, a bus driving down a hilly road blocks most of the pathway and makes it impossible for oncoming traffic to drive by. However, an over-enthusiastic lady driving a Jeep Compass decided to play smart and make use of her SUV’s off-roading capabilities. She decides to squeeze into the narrow gap between the bus and the hill by driving perpendicular to the road!

At first, it looks like the Jeep Compass would safely make it through but as soon as it passes by the bus, it topples over as the lady tries bringing the SUV back on road. We’re not sure if even a trained driver would have pulled off this stunt successfully but the lady behind the wheel of this Compass clearly over-estimated her capabilities. The full version of this video that you can see below shows some bystanders keenly watching the antics. Some even rush to help the occupants of the vehicle get out once it toppled. But, in a nutshell, this little adventure by the lady ends up being an epic failure.

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lady driver jeep compass oversmart
A lady driving a Jeep Compass puts the SUV’s off-roading ability to test but fails miserably.

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Jeep Meridian Launched in India

Meanwhile, back in India, Jeep has launched the Meridian – a three-row SUV based on the Compass. The Jeep Meridian shares aplenty with the Compass but enjoys a slightly different visual identity due to the bigger dimensions and several Commander-like styling elements. Quite naturally, it even offers a more spacious cabin while it shares the 2.0-litre oil-burner with the donor SUV.

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