Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Hybrid By 2014


Mitsubishi is a well known global major and few years back when it entered India with Mitsubishi Lancer, the Indian Automobile market experienced a major changeover as the car was attractive and powerful enough and had a unique road presence that no other car carried then. Obviously it was a huge hit in the market and turned out to be best of the cars to be tuned and modified according to tastes.

It ruled the sedan segment for an appreciable time after which it was phased out. This affected the sales a lot as the other line-up member Mitsubishi Outlander, could not appeal much to the customers. In 2010 the company came up with the more powerful Lancer family member, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X which is being imported as CBU unit and is priced around a whopping Rs.50 Lakh.


Now the company has recently announced that the Lancer Evolution series will be discontinued after 2013 after which the company plans to bring a Hybrid version of the same. It will certainly  be very difficult for the manufacturer to actually transform the rally car personality of Lancer Evo series to a eco friendly hybrid vehicle one carrying the same potential as the gasoline version does now.

This indeed is a very challenging job but we have full faith in Mitsubishi that it will come up with a perfect hybrid Lancer Evo. Our expectation is to see an optimized and more powerful yet environment friend version Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MIEV Concept, which was last showcased in 2005.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MIEV Hybrid Version Specifications

Length                                                       4490 mm

Width                                                        1770 mm

Height                                                       1450 mm

Curb weight                                            1590 kg

Seating capacity                                     5

Max. speed                                             180 km/h

Cruising range / charge (10-15 driving pattern)             250 km

Motor                                                                                              Outer-rotor type

Type                                                                                                 Permanent magnetic synchronous

Maker                                                                                              Toyo Denki Seizo K.K.

Max. output                                                                                  50 kW(On each wheel)

Max. torque                                                                                  518 Nm

Max. speed                                                                                   1500 rpm

Dimensions                                                                                  445 mm (dia.) x 134 mm(Motor)

No. fitted                                                                                       4

Battery system Type                                                                 Lithium-ion

Maker                                                                                              GS Yuasa Corporation

Capacity                                                                                         95 Ah

Voltage                                                                                          14.8 V

Length x Width x Height                                                         388 mm x 175 mm x 116 mm

No. of modules                                                                          24

Controller                                                                                    Inverter

Drive                                                                                              4WD

Tires                                                                                               255/30ZR20