First-Gen Land Rover Defender vs Toyota Fortuner – Tug o’ War [Video]

Here’ an interesting Tug o’ War between two first-gen SUVs – the Land Rover Defender vs the Toyota Fortuner. Find out who comes out on top.

If you follow cars closely on the internet, you would know SUV tug-of-wars are quite a thing these days. The idea is simple. Bring two big burly SUVs together, tie them with each other and then just pull. Which ever car is able to pull the other over the line is the winner. We found this interesting video on the internet where a previous gen Toyota Fortuner fights it out with the mighty Land Rover Defender.

First-gen Land Rover Defender vs Toyota Fortuner - Tug o' War
First-gen Land Rover Defender vs Toyota Fortuner – Tug o’ War

When Toyota introduced the previous-gen Fortuner way back in 2009, it was an absolute hit in the Indian market. It was a stylish looking, well appointed SUV but more importantly, it was plenty capable. But the Land Rover Defender is an absolute legend in the world of off-road SUVs and for very good reasons as you will see in the video. It was uploaded on Gagan Jassar on his YouTube channel by the same name. 

As we can see in the video, the Toyota Fortuner tries really hard to pull out the Land Rover Defender. But the SUV is really struggling for traction. It is sufficiently powerful and torque-ey but it was just not able to budge the Defender from its position. The Defender is also a much heavier vehicle than the Fortuner and that’s really playing in favor of the Defender. Finally, the Defender has had enough and by just one single tug, it is able to pull the Fortuner out of its spot.

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The Toyota Fortuner featured here is a first generation model. The earlier generation Fortuner had two engine options under the hood – a 2.5-litre diesel (142 PS/343 Nm) and a 3.0-litre diesel (169 PS/360 Nm). The former engine was offered only as a rear-wheel drive SUV while the latter was a proper 4×4. The Fortuner featured here is definitely the 4×4 version as we can see both the front and rear wheels spinning out in an effort to pull the Defender.

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Speaking of the Defender, that too is a first-generation model and is the four-door 110 version. You will be surprised to know that Land Rover had kept the Defender in just its first generation from 1983 all the way to 2016 when the first-gen model finally ended its production. The archaic design surviving all those years was really the appeal of the Defender. The most-popular engine on offer was a 2.2-litre diesel motor with 122 PS and 360 Nm.¬†However, Land Rover has now debuted the all-new generation of the Defender and that’s has taken everything the original Defender was capable of to a whole new level.