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Low Cost Volkswagen Up For Emerging Markets Like India and China

Volkswagen is known for its revolutionary car Volkswagen Beetle which, in its era, was the most successful model. Over the years the demand for cars has risen and the tastes have changed too. Presently the Beetle is doing good but not as much as it did when launched for the first time. Obviously the brand needed a new car which could take the legacy of Beetle a step ahead, so it launched two models, Volkswagen Lupo and Volkswagen Fox, which failed to do the magic. Now Volkswagen is working on a Low Cost Volkswagen Up, which will be a less loaded car but will be affordable.

Recently the German major Volkswagen came up with the Volkswagen Up small car which seems to be a strong proposition. This hot hatchback is not based on Beetle but is expected to create the same magic as the Beetle did in 1938. But just one variant on the global level cannot pull all the sales as demand will vary depending on established and emerging markets. So the company is developing a whole family of Up entry level models. In addition Skoda CitiGo and Seat Mii small cars will also join the family and will be priced lower than the Up.


image – Volkswagen Up Small Car

The strategy behind introducing a low cost Volkswagen Up would be strong enough to give other popular cars such as Fiat Panda, Renault Twingo and Peugeot 107, a good run for their money. Volkswagen is aiming for the number one manufacturer spot and is seriously working on its 2018 growth strategy by which it believes it will become the numero uno seller. As of today Up’s sales have been an overwhelming 181,400 units globally and by 2015 VW wishes to take this count to 390,900 units.

The bottom line is that Volkswagen is dedicatedly working on different versions of the Up small car (India, China, South America etc.) and is aiming high. All we can wish is luck and hope to see Up in India soon. The probably reason why Volkswagen is delaying the announcement of Volkswagen UP for emerging countries is that it wants to come up with more affordable and better adapted versions for the emerging markets so as not to create higher expectations which can not be fulfilled under price constrains. The European UP comes loaded with features and gadgetry while the low cost Volkswagen UP is expected to loos on any unnecessary gadgetry and features so that it can be priced really competitively and make it a high value for money car. We will keep an eye on the developments on the Volkswagen Up and keep you posted on the same, for latest updates, stay tuned to us by signing up for our free email newsletter and like our official Facebook Page.

Source – AutoNews