In-Car On Demand Video,TV, Internet, Gaming And Lot More – LTE Connected Car By QNX


We are not very far from the days when the in-car entertainment was limited only to cassette and CD Players, we now have LCD displays, movies, Music Sync technologies and Internet services in car. I stressed on the point that the future cars will be more and more intelligent and connected in my articles – Future Of Car Technologies. It seems like the future is not far, as we see the cars with amazing features like Enhanced Vision System, Brake Override Safety Feature etc.


The next big leap in the same direction is the QNX concept of an LTE Connected car. LTE (long term evolution) is a term from telecom industry which means a converged technology with ultra high capacity delivered wirelessly.

QNX And Alcatel-Lucent have collaborated to create a concept car with wonderful connectivity and computing power to deliver Social Media, Network Services, Cloud computing, Download Content On the go, content recorded on home computer connected to your car via LTE services. It can also deliver you intelligent location services from the Internet, provide you information of the events nearby, locations of your friends in the vicinity using social media services.

The LTE connected car will also get real-time traffic information, weather information, re-routes, traffic diversion, road-construction information, parking space information, watch live TV, mobile communication, video conferencing, powerful computing power inside car.

Alcatel-Lucent provides high bandwidth network connectivity, QNX provides computing power and Adobe provides Flash to enable this technology.

Existing applications for the online services have been modified for the car, to make it easier for both developers users to develop and use it. It also gives you online gaming services inside the car. It also adds services like buying show tickets, display relevant advertisements, and lot more innovative services yet to be explored.

See the LTE Concept in Action in the video below:

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