Mahindra Bolero (GNCAP – NA) Hits Tata Nexon (5-Star), Inflicts Major Damage

Tata Motors and Mahindra are the two Indian carmakers that have the most 4 and 5-star safety-rated cars in the country.

In this video, a Mahindra Bolero (GNCAP – NA) is seen after hitting a Tata Nexon (GNCAP – 5 star). While the Nexon is a 5-star rated car at the GNCAP, the Bolero has not been tested by the safety body. Nevertheless, we have seen both these SUVs involved in a number of unfortunate incidents and saving their passengers. Also, being Tata and Mahindra products, we can safely assume that the strength and build quality of these will be top-notch. Let us take a look at what happens when these two collide.

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Mahindra Bolero (GNCAP – NA) vs Tata Nexon (5-star)

The video clip has been uploaded by SetWet Cars on YouTube. As per the information in the video, this accident has been reported from Assam. The report mentions that there were 5 people travelling in the Nexon from a wedding at around 3 AM. At a curve, a speeding Bolero was coming from the opposite direction in the wrong lane. As a result, there was a huge collision between the two. Realising their mistake, the people from the Bolero fled the scene.

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Only 1 person in the Nexon suffered a broken foot and the others escaped with minor injuries. Looking at the condition of the Nexon, it looks like a miracle that no one was seriously injured. The video mentions that the Nexon hit a construction site after the collision which is why the damage is severe. The entire front end is broken, the side door is bent in, the side pillars are crumpled partially, the roof has been affected, the tail section is also damaged and the front bumper and bonnet are all impacted.

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Lesser Damage to Mahindra Bolero

On the other hand, the impact on the bonnet and bumper of the Bolero is evident from the visuals. The roof is also bent a little. But the overall condition of the Bolero is much better. While there was no official reason stated for the accident, we can only caution our readers to prevent overspeeding at all costs. That is the main reason why people lose control of their vehicles and end up in a bad position. Let us pledge to be responsible drivers and promote road safety.

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Tata Nexon and Mahindra Bolero involved in a major accident in Assam.
Tata Nexon and Mahindra Bolero involved in a major accident in Assam.

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