Mahindra Bolero (NCAP – NA) T-Bones Tata Tigor (NCAP- 4-Star) – Surprising Results?

Road accidents are a part of our lives but it is time we work towards reducing them drastically by being responsible drivers.

In this latest video, a Mahindra Bolero is seen inflicting major damage to a Tata Tigor in a freak accident. Tigor is a 4-star-rated compact sedan by GNCAP It is a popular product because it offers impressive safety at this price point and in this segment. On the other hand, Bolero is a rugged utilitarian SUV that is famous for possessing a strong body and structure. This accident shows what could happen when these two collide with each other.

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Mahindra Bolero and Tata Tigor Accident

The video comes from Nikhil Rana’s YouTube channel. He posts such videos in order to raise awareness among car buyers regarding the relevance of safety ratings in cars. This accident took place in Jharkhand. Reportedly, the two vehicles were coming from the opposite direction when the driver of the Bolero lost control and ended up hitting the Tigor with quite some force. The result is evident in the video clip.

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The entire side body panel of the Tigor is crumpled. The roof, the side pillar, doors, fenders, etc, are in a total loss condition. In fact, the doors have come so far in the cabin that if there would’ve been a passenger in the car, he/she would’ve suffered terrible injuries. It looks like the car is now just half its size. On the other hand, the front end of the Bolero is almost unrecognizable. But the side pillars are intact. This shows how tough and strong the body of the Bolero is. Luckily, there are no reports of injury to anyone.

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Finally, we would like to urge our readers to always follow traffic rules. Most accidents that happen on the road are a direct consequence of overspeeding. Therefore, it’s important to drive within speed limits so that you get enough time to react appropriately and avoid any collision. Let us pledge to be responsible drivers to ensure safer roads.

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mahindra bolero tata tigor t-bone accident
Accident between Mahindra Bolero (NCAP- NA) and Tata Tigor (NCAP- 4-star)

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