Mahindra Mojo vs KTM Duke 200 vs Honda CBR 250R


After years of delays, teasers and Auto Expo appearances, the Mahindra Mojo is finally ready and all set to enter the Indian market. While Mahindra was busy developing the Mojo, its competitors have made serious progress establishing themselves as favourites among India’s biking community. Mahindra’s new tourer will go up against the likes of the slightly nuts KTM Duke 200 and the very refined Honda CBR 250R. The company has certainly worked very hard on the Mojo and, obviously, has very high hopes from the bike, having put in so much time and money into its development. So how does it fare against its major rivals? Find out here in our Mahindra Mojo vs KTM Duke 200 vs Honda CBR 250R spec sheet comparo.


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The Mahindra Mojo’s exterior has largely remained unchanged since the first time it was showcased as a concept. Its design looks refreshing with the twin-pod setup up front flanked by LED guide lights. But when we talk about styling, its the Duke looks the maddest with its edgy, angular panels and loud orange highlights. The CBR 205R is the only bike here that gets a full front fairing bestowing its with sports bike appeal.

The Honda gets a meatier tail compared to the other two as the Duke 200 and Mojo make do with minimal flesh in the rear section. One small bit that we do not like about the Mojo’s styling is the uninteresting exhaust pipe design, but then it does get dual pipes which add flair to the overall look of the bike.

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The Mahindra Mojo’s console displays a whole host of information. Apart from the usual readouts, you get 0-100kmph time, top speed recorded and best RPM achieved. Both the KTM Duke 200 and the Mojo get an LED taillamp. The latter also features LED guide lights and dual exhaust. Only the Honda CBR 205R comes equipped with ABS, while the other two are expected to get ABS as an option sometime next year. At just 11 litres, the KTM’s fuel tank is the smallest, while the Mojo gets an impressive 21 litre fuel tank.

Honda CBR-250R_Black

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Mahindra Mojo KTM Duke 200 Honda CBR 250R
Displacement 295 cc 199.5 cc 249.6 cc
Power 27 PS @ 8,000 rpm 25 PS @ 10,000 rpm 26 PS @ 8,500 rom
Torque 30 Nm @ 5,500 rpm 19.2 Nm @ 8,000 rpm 22.9 Nm @ 7,000 rpm
Transmission 6-speed 6-speed 6-speed
Mileage -NA- 35 kmpl 25 kmpl
Dry weight 165 kg 128 kg 161 kg
Top Speed -NA- 135 km/h 152 km/h
0-100 km/h -NA- 3.72 s 3.9 s
Fuel Tank Capacity 21 litres 11 litres 13 litres
Brakes Front 320 mm disc

Rear 240 mm disc

Front 280 mm disc

Rear 230 mm disc

Front 296 mm disc

Rear 220 mm disc

While the power output of all three bikes is nearly identical, the Mojo makes a sginificant amount of extra torque and the peak torque is also acheived at a lower rpm. The Mojo has the biggest capacity engine followed by the Honda CBR 250R and the KTM Duke 200. All three bikes get disc brakes at the front and rear and a 6-speed transmission. However, only the 250R comes equipped with ABS.



Mahindra Mojo KTM Duke 200 Honda BR 250R
Standard TBA INR 1.38 lacs INR 1.59 lacs
ABS INR 1.88 lacs

We expect the Mahindra mMojo to be competitively priced at around the INR 1.7-1.8 lac mark which would place it right in the Honda CBR 250R territory, but more expensive than the KTM Duke 200. We won’t be surprised if Mahindra prices the Mojo around INR 1.5 lacs in order to really shake things up. The KTM Duke is the cheapest bike and offers fantastic value for money.


Mahindra may have taken their own sweet time developing the Mojo, but they seem to have done a commendable job with the bike. A combination of great styling, features and strong touring credentials make this one of the most promising two wheeler launch of the year. The Honda CBR 250R has been around for quite sometime now and is starting to show its age, but it is still one of the most refined and sorted tourer in the market with good performance. The KTM Duke 200 is the flashiest of all bikes here with its edgy styling and it also impresses with its performance. And then there is the price, which makes one of the most value for money packages on offer today.


[box type=”success” ]Mahindra has a very good product on offer and we will not hesitate in recommending the Mojo to anyone looking for a comfortable and powerful touring bike.[/box]

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