5 Features of Mahindra Scorpio N ABSENT on Rs 60 Lakh Toyota Fortuner

Car News » 5 Features of Mahindra Scorpio N ABSENT on Rs 60 Lakh Toyota Fortuner

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While it may seem a bit unfair to compare the Scorpio to a Fortuner, we couldn’t help but observe these 5 features that you won’t find on the more expensive SUV.

Here is a list of 5 features on the upcoming Mahindra Scorpio N that are missing on the Rs 60 lakh Toyota Fortuner. The Scorpio N is slated for launch on June 27 and Mahindra is making sure that this version of the iconic is catered toward features, convenience and comfort of the passengers while maintaining that trademark tough SUV character. That is the reason why Mahindra is offering some premium features on the Scorpio N that you won’t even get in the Fortuner.

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Mahindra Scorpio N vs Toyota Fortuner GR Sport Features
Mahindra Scorpio N vs Toyota Fortuner GR Sport Features

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Features of Mahindra Scorpio N That Are Missing in Toyota Fortuner

  • Electric Sunroof: Now, we all know how obsessed Indian car buyers are with the sunroof. Recognising this, Mahindra will offer a sunroof on the Scorpio N, while Toyota doesn’t offer a sunroof in any of its offerings in our market. By not following the trend and customer demand, Toyota might be missing a trick here.
  • Captain Seats: The captain seats in the second row is yet another amenity that maximizes the comfort of the passengers. That is also the reason why it is generally offered in higher variants of SUVs and MPVs. It allows the two passengers to have a luxurious experience with their individual armrests and space. Somehow, the Fortuner just offers the bench seat configuration for the second row.

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  • Driver Drowsiness Alert: This is one feature that is extremely important and quite prevalent in modern premium cars. It monitors the eye movement of the driver and detects when the driver is feeling sleepy. In response, the system starts making noises or some sort of alarm. In some cars, there is a sensation on the steering wheel to make the driver aware. When the driver doesn’t respond, the car comes to a halt automatically. This is generally a part of ADAS functions. The Fortuner doesn’t come with this feature.
  • User Profile: As a part of Mahindra’s Adrenox connected car tech, the Scorpio would come equipped with the function of allowing multiple users to create their individual profiles. This could consist of your music, and seat settings among other things. If different persons use the same car in a family, they won’t have to change all the settings individually. This is yet another convenience that the Fortuner misses out on.
  • Sony 3D Surround Sound Audio: This is something that made its debut on the Mahindra XXUV700 and will be carried forward in the new Scorpio as well. To offer the surround audio immersive experience, a few speakers might be placed on the roof. The Fortuner has a JBL sound system but there is no 3D surround sound feature.

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These are the top 5 features that the new Scorpio will come loaded with while these are absent from the Fortuner which costs almost Rs 60 lakh, on-road in many cities. This proves that Mahindra is leaving no stone unturned to make the Scorpio N a success just like the XUV700.