Mahindra Thar Petrol Reviewed by Isuzu V-Cross Owner in Thar Desert

The second generation Mahindra Thar has been a runaway success like none other. Available in multiple configurations, the latest-get Thar has been an ideal partner of many off-road enthusiasts. In fact, often these off-roaders have switched from more sophisticated and costlier machines, like is the case of this Isuzu V-Cross-owner who ventures into the Thar desert in a top-spec petrol-powered Mahindra Thar with a manual transmission. Popular for videos of his off-roading adventures, the vlogger goes on to describe how the new SUV is an ideal choice for dune-bashing.

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The blogger starts his video with visuals of a last-get Mahindra Thar rescuing a beached Ford Endeavour. Next, he shifts his focus towards the new-gen model and explains how he has been driving around in his friend’s petrol-manual variant of the new Thar. He then remarks that the SUV has an excellent engine with great tuning. However, he remarks that the RPM range of the motor could have been tuned to be a bit higher and that would have made it even better for taking on the desert. But it’s still mentioned pretty clearly that for its weight, the Thar has ample power across the rev range and that the vehicle is good fun to drive.

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Next, the Mahindra Thar petrol is piloted on the sand dunes for about half an hour. The vlogger remarks that the gear ratios are well sorted, too. Furthermore, he says compared to the Isuzu V-Cross, the Thar is a lot more nimble and can quickly change direction without requiring enough space. Next, it’s said that it was always expected from Mahindra to offer a stonker of an engine but chassis and suspension tuning is something that Mahindra has no clue about. Next, the video host points out the Isuzu V-Cross, Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner parked nearby and remarks they could easily manage to do a hill climb while the Thar was immensely bouncy and all over the track. Still, he mentions that compared to the earlier Thar, the new one’s a huge improvement in this aspect, especially for its price. The vlogger jokingly remarks about the poor fuel efficiency and the high petrol price in Rajasthan but doesn’t reveal the exact figure. The Thar then takes on the aforementioned hill climb and easily manages to reach the top, albeit, with the engine at peak RPM.

mahindra thar petrol review thar desert-isuzu v cross owner

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The vlogger then goes on to demonstrate the low turning radius of the Mahindra Thar, especially if one compares with the Isuzu V-Cross. He also says that the automatic version isn’t as much fun as the manual even though it has a good gearbox. In the remaining video, it’s demonstrated how the Thar petrol is at least as capable as some of the modified SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu V-Cross that were present around. In fact, the video even goes on to show how a Ford Endeavour struggled big time on a hill climb but the Thar, V-Cross and Fortuner could clear all of it pretty easily. Summing it up, it’s quite clear that the new Mahindra Thar petrol-manual is not only a capable off-roader but is, in fact, so good that someone used who’s to driving the costlier models quickly grows fond of it.

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