Mahindra Thar Updated


Mahindra has quietly introduced an updated version of the Mahindra Thar which incorporates new features added after the company received feedback from their customers. The price of the off-roader has not been increased but the changes that Mahindra has made to it make the Thar a much better vehicle than before.


The Mahindra Thar is priced at Rs. 7.21 Lakh, ex-showroom Delhi


What’s new?

The many changes that the new incorporates include:

  • A cross bar on the roof between the A and the B pillar, which makes the vehicle more rigid and robust.
  • A new flange setup has also been used to substitute the auto locking hubs on the front axle, hence the front drive shafts are never free.
  • The air-con switches have been replaced, the new units are borrowed from the Bolero VLX.
  • To increase the headspace at the rear, the seats have been lowered 6-7 inches.
  • The detachable canopy mechanism has been improved, earlier it was supported by four pins which would often break and leave the canopy dysfunctional. Now, a screw based system is used to attach and remove the canopy. This makes the system more comfortable to use and more reliable.
  • The SUV now gets stronger doors, which improves safety and reliability. This also gives the occupants more confidence while going off-road.

The engine on offer in the Mahindra Thar remains the same; it is powered by a 2.5-litre diesel engine which delivers a maximum power of 103.6 BHP @ 3,800 rpm and a maximum torque of 247 Nm @1800-2000rpm.

All these changes are expected to be appreciated by the owners of the Mahindra Thar, especially because of the customer involvement in the development program. The company had used a similar process to introduce an updated version of XUV500 earlier.

This is a good step by Mahindra, customer feedback should be used to improve vehicles. Are there any manufacturers whom you would like to see improve their products? Which companies and which of their vehciles do you want improved and in what way? Let us know in the comments section below.