Mahindra XUV700’s ADAS Misused on Independence Day

With autonomous driving capabilities, people are sometimes tempted to perform misadventures that could lead to perilous situations.

In this latest video clip, Mahindra XUV700’s renowned ADAS features are seen being misused by the general public. Mahindra offers a ton of new-age Autonomous Driving features as a part of the ADAS package. However, no car company permits or propagates leaving the car unattended on the road just because it has self-driving capabilities. That is precisely the reason why it might not be a great idea to offer such features in vehicles. There is no cure for the carelessness of a few drivers which can prove dangerous to everyone around.

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Mahindra XUV700’s ADAS Misused

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. He posts such content in order to make the car buyers and owners conscious about the importance of road safety and safe driving. In this case, a video clip has emerged from somewhere in NCR that shows an XUV700’s driver leaping out of the sunroof while the SUV has been put on autonomous driving mode with Adaptive Cruise Control. There is no one in the car and the driver decided to jump out of the seat to hoist the national flag on the Independence Day. This is, as one would imagine, totally stupid not just for him, but also for everyone in the vicinity.

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The ADAS comes with functions like Adapative Cruise Control which maintains the speed of the vehicle according to the traffic and can brake and accelerate automatically, Lane Keep Assist that ensures that the vehicle is being driven within its own lane, Automatic Emergency Braking that brings the car to a standstill if it detects that there is no response from the driver despite an obstacle being too close to the car and more. However, the system also detects if the driver doesn’t have his/her hands on the steering wheel and stops the car after repeated warnings.

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Mahindra XUV700's ADAS Misused
Mahindra XUV700’s ADAS Misused

But it must be understood that these features are not meant to replace the actual drivers as the margin for error is minimal. In addition to that, the ADAS requires properly marked roads with lanes which is not always the case in India. Hence, that can cause the system to malfunction endangering the lives of everyone around. Make sure to follow traffic rules and take road safety seriously.

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