Mahindra & Mahindra Working On A New Suspension System For Its SUVs


As per sources Mahindra & Mahindra is said to have been working on a new suspension system for its product line-up. The very car which motivated the company for designing a new suspension is Mahindra Scorpio. As observed by the company, the car’s engine has been under evolution for a few years and to add a little extra performance to the same, a new suspension was needed.

The car’s engine has transformed itself f from the older 2600cc CRDE to the all new VLX M-Hawk cRDE but the suspension is still the same old one.


The new suspension technology to be employed is known as Magnetorheological damper system and the same has been employed in the latest car from the Italian manufacturer Ferrari, the Ferrari FF. Now please don’t start wondering Scorpio to perform like a Ferrari, but the new suspension will drastically improve the driving characteristics of the car.

The new variation that Mahindra will bring to the existing system will be patented on the name of the manufacturer and will be implemented in the SUV range. Though nothing is confirmed yet, sources do hint us that it will happen soon.

Magnetorheological Damper System


The system is quite simple and can be compared with any conventional damper except for the innovation part. The damper in this system is filled with magnetorheological fluid, a special kind of fluid consisting of magnetic particles. To explain the whole working we would not go into details for the sake of simplicity.

The coil in the middle is used to generate magnetic flux and acts like an electromagnet (a magnet developed by passing electricity through a metal). The flux or the magnetic field generated by it is used to control the movement of the magnetic particles present in the fluid.

How the Magnetorheological Damper system would be beneficial?

As I mentioned in the above two lines, the system is capable of controlling the magnetic particles and therefore the whole fluid movement. So in order to use it, the magnetic field could be changed which would eventually change the fluid movement and the car’s suspension could be tuned for different types of terrains accordingly.

The electromagnet used is controlled by an ECU or (electronic control unit) which is its brain. The ECU is not new and in most of the cars we have an ECU which controls the injection of fuel into the engine and also performs several other tasks. So this means that like the engine and other intelligent parts of the car, the suspension will also be controlled with the ECU which is car’s computer to control everything related to its systems.

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