March Sales Of Tata, Honda, Renault And VW Down By More Than 50%

Due to this pandemic diagnosed in our country from early March followed by the lockdown has taken a toll on the sales of brands like Tata and Honda.

March has been a bad month for most of the automakers. Very few have managed to buck the trend but most of them have experienced a massive downfall. Amongst them, there are a handful of makers which have seen more than 50% sales decline.

BrandFY20 March SalesFY19 March SalesChange
Tata Motors567618,295-70%

As you can see, brands like Datsun, Volkswagen and Jeep have taken a massive hit. Amongst the mass sellers, Mahindra, Tata and Honda also seem to have taken a big fall in March sales. Ford and Renault have recorded a comparatively lower decline in sales.

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Volkswagen, Jeep and Datsun have managed to sell just about 150 units before the pandemic uprise in our country. Skoda has managed just under 500 units, seeing a 68% Y-o-Y decline. Honda has also recorded a 79% decline selling 3697 units in March 2020, compared to 17,202 units last year.

The biggest hit comes to Mahindra which is down from 27,637 units in March 2019 to 3383 units this year. To be noted, these sales declines are counted Y-o-Y, compared with March 2019. Also, by March 20, all the manufacturers had started halting their production.

Many cars received the BS6 upgrade just this month and were about to reach the dealerships. Just like the case with brands like Volkswagen, Skoda, Honda and Mahindra. All of there BS6 cars were going to hit the roads in either March or April.

The lockdown will continue till April 15 which will further create losses for the automotive sector. All brands have extended their helping hand to the government with donations or services during this lockdown, to curb the coronavirus in India.

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Brands like Maruti, Toyota and Hyundai have also recorded a decline but under 50%. Those who bucked the trend include MG Hector and Kia Seltos, naturally, because they were not present in India in March 2019.