MG Motors Achieves Sales Growth in March 2020 Despite Lockdown – Here’s How

MG Motors has achieved a growth is sales in March over February 2020 and that is despite the lockdown. Sales in February were mainly affected due to disruption of the supply chain from China.

MG Motors India have come out with their sales figure for March 2020. The company has sold a total of 1,518 units of vehicles, which is a growth of 10.32% over its sales figure in February 2020. In these 1,518 units of vehicles, 116 units are those of the ZS EV SUV and the rest 1,402 units are of the Hector. In comparison, MG Motors had sold 1,376 units in February 2020, out of which 158 units were of the ZS EV and there were 1,218 units of the Hector.

MG Motors has seen a 10.32% increment in sales in March over February 2020.
MG Motors has seen a 10.32% increment in sales in March over February 2020.

The point to be noted here is that the company has managed these sales inspite of the Coronavirus pandemic. There were delays and stoppage in supply of raw materials from China which was peaking with Coronavirus in February. Continuing forward into March, India imposed its own lockdown from March 23rd which has since put all business activites to a stop. The 1,518 units of vehicles were thus sold in a period of 22 days. To put things into perspective, the company sold 3,130 units in January 2020.  

Commenting on the sales performance during the month, Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “Both MG Hector and MG ZS EV have made a mark in the Indian car market. Despite supply chain disruption globally, MG Motor continues to serve its customers. In February, our sales were impacted due to the disruption, while the situation improved during March before the lockdown was announced, resulting in the shutting down of our manufacturing plant.”

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“Our current focus is on the health and well-being of our employees and their families, as well as the society at large. In this pursuit, we have also announced INR 2 crore grant towards procuring gloves, masks, medicines, ventilators, and beds; and are working closely with the local administration in Gurugram and Halol (Vadodara) to support their requirements,” Chaba added.

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Even amidst this lockdown, MG Motors has assured its employees that there would be no layoffs and that all suppliers and vendors would receive their payment on time. Even before the lockdown came into effect, MG Motors ensured good hygiene by starting the ‘Disinfect & Deliver’ program where they sanitized each car before delivery and ensured near-zero contact with customers. The company will even formalise this as a permanent process even after the lockdown is lifted. Although the company has sold out all BS4 stock, they currently have a low stock of BS4 vehicles as their manufacturing plants are shut due to the lockdown.