Long Term Report – Living With The Maruti Celerio ZDI(O)

Maruti Celerio Diesel Review – Long Term Report

The Maruti Celerio ZDI(O), which entered our long-term fleet early last month, has turned out to be the most desirable set of wheels in our parking lot! Yes, while a tall-boy hatchback powered by a 47 hp, 0.8-litre, two-cylinder motor might seem as exciting as a pair of soggy socks, this top-spec Celerio Diesel, blessed with an almost stellar fuel efficiency and compact dimensions, has emerged as the most sought-after car in our parking lot. Read on to find how this car has managed to leave all of us so impressed.

Maruti Celerio Diesel Review

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Fact File –

  • Model — Maruti Celerio Diesel ZDi(O)
  • Price – INR 5.78 lakhs (ex-showroom)
  • Test Started On — December 3, 2015
  • Initial ODO Reading — 3812 kms
  • Current ODO Reading — 7915 kms
  • Mileage Clocked — 4103 kms
  • Fuel Efficiency — 20.13 km/l
  • Fuel Consumed — 143 litres
  • Fuel Cost — INR 6406
  • Other Expenses — None

As you must have figured out, our test vehicle comes in the top-of-the-line ZDI(O) trim, which means it comes kitted out with body coloured ORVMs with integrated turn indicators, a set of 6-spoke alloy wheels, body-coloured door handles, and an almost annoying number of chrome appliques on the outside. True, the Celerio was never a head-turner, but the top-end ZDI(O) variant does bestow a hint of premium-ness on this entry-B segment hatchback.

maruti celerio diesel review
Our top-end Celerio ZDI(O) gets a handful of chrome appliques

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Maruti Celerio Diesel Video Review

The interior is much of a reflection of the exterior. While a black-beige combination, complete with decent quality plastics, makes the cabin sufficiently pleasant and airy, the utter lack of any sort of flair ensures that we are never too excited about spending long hours inside this car. What does excites us a fair bit, however, is the high-quality four-speaker audio system that offers USB/AUX/Bluetooth connectivity and an extra set of controls on the steering wheel. The Celerio isn’t exactly brimming with features, but we are happy to note that Maruti has found it only appropriate to offer a rear wash/wipe, an upmarket audio system, electric-adjustable ORVMs, ABS and front dual airbags on a car that costs over 6 lakhs on road.

The Celerio D, during a month that it has been with us, has proven to be a reliable and an extremely frugal workhorse during our long daily commutes. However, there’s a lot more to a car than merely its fuel economy, and while this car hasn’t been a major disappointment in any way whatsoever, rather far from it, there certainly exist a few issues Maruti needs to address. Firstly, the NVH levels are on the higher side, with engine noise and vibrations easily filtering into the cabin. And then, there’s an issue of a lackluster top-end performance, with the motor rapidly running out of steam post 3750 RPM. We never expected this two-pot 796cc engine to offer a really high performance, but a slight more punch in the higher rev range isn’t asking for much. That said, the Celerio easily keeps up with other vehicles during our long commutes, and fewer fuel stops mean we do save a lot of time by avoiding long queues at the fuel station. The Celerio D offers a decent ride quality and easily dismisses most of the small undulations. Even the steering wheel is fairly direct and doesn’t have the ‘lifeless’ nature that can be associated with most of the EPS units we sample. However, there’s a definite body roll, which means throwing this car into corners gets a bit unnerving.

Easily delivers above 20 kp/l on a regular basis

We have clocked almost 4,000 kms ever since the car’s arrival last month, which alone speaks volume about our fondness towards the Celerio Diesel’s frugal motor and compact dimensions. The Maruti Celerio Diesel possesses a simplicity that is often reminiscent of the Maruti 800, but at the same time, also has all the virtues you would expect of a world-class small hatchback. A few niggles apart, the Celerio ZDI(O) has a lot going for it.

maruti celerio diesel review
Easy to squeeze this car into narrow parking slots

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maruti celerio diesel review

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