Maruti Launched 5 CNG Cars – Price of Alto CNG, Estilo CNG, Wagon R CNG, EECO CNG And SX4 CNG

Maruti Suzuki has today unveiled its range of 5 CNG cars which are launched in Delhi NCD, Mumbai and Gujarat. The five cars which have been introduced in CNG variants with Maruti’s latest i-GPI fuel injection technology include – Maruti Alto, Maruti SX4, Maruti Wagon R, Maruti EECO, and Maruti Zen Estilo.


The newly developed i-GPI or “intelligent-Gas Port Injection” is claimed to be safe, reliable, clean, responsive and environment friendly by Maruti Chairman R C Bhargava.

The i-GPI or Intelligent Gas Port Injection technology delivers more power compared to any aftermarket retro-fitted CNG vehicles and offer an experience similar to that of a petrol-fuelled engine, while achieving high fuel efficiency at the same time. The factory fitted CNG vehicles passed through all the quality checks, processes and systems similar to a regular car manufactured at Maruti Suzuki plants.


The i-GPI technology uses separate injectors for each cylinder. Based on inputs from the ECU, metered CNG quantity is injected to the engine through gas ports. The quantity of CNG required for different driving conditions is controlled by the dedicated ECU, leading to more efficient fuel usage.


Benefits Of Maruti Factory Fitted CNG Vehicles

  • Contemporary i-GPI technology
  • Vehicle body design for CNG system
  • Performance and Drivability at par with gasoline powered engine
  • Safety reinforced: High Quality Components,Integrated wiring harness, CNG system leak-proofing, toughened suspension
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Dual ECU system for enhanced performance
  • Lower running costs by 60 percent
  • Extensive performance testing
  • Peace of Mind: Full warranty coverage, Service support across the country
  • No compromise on engine life


Price Of Maruti CNG Cars

Price of all the CNG cars is approximately Rs. 50000 to Rs. 55000 more compared to the corresponding petrol only variants of these cars.

  • Maruti Alto Lxi CNG will cost Rs. 3.23 Lakhs compared to Alto Lxi Petrol price of Rs. 2.78 Lakhs
  • Maruti Estilo Lxi CNG will cost Rs. 4.05 Lakhs compared to Estilo Lxi Petrol price of Rs. 3.55 Lakhs
  • Maruti Wagon R Lxi CNG will cost Rs. 3.64 Lakhs compared to Wagon R Lxi Petrol price of Rs. 3.61 Lakhs
  • Maruti EECO 5 Seater AC CNG will cost Rs. 3.64 Lakhs compared to EECO 5 Seater AC Petrol price of Rs. 3.09 Lakhs
  • Maruti SX4 Vxi CNG will cost Rs. 7.47 Lakhs compared to SX4 Vxi Petrol price of Rs. 6.92 Lakhs

source – CarWale