Maruti Dzire Hanging From Road Shows Why Snow Drive is No Child’s Play

  • Driving in the snow looks fun but it is the hardest thing for most drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers should be extremely cautious when driving on snow
  • Maruti Dzire hanging from parapet finally rescued by Isuzu V-Cross

In this shocking video, a Maruti Dzire is seen hanging on the side of the road while driving in snow. Dzire is a popular compact sedan that found application in commercial space, as well as for private use. The Tour badge on the rear of this particular Dzire informs that this is the commercial variant that might be powered by a CNG powertrain. Nevertheless, we would like to discuss the perils of driving in snow in this post, especially if you have no prior experience.

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Maruti Dzire Hanging on the Side of Road in Snow

This vlog has been uploaded on YouTube by Mountain Riders. The visuals show a Dzire hanging over the side parapet. These parapets are what act as barriers between roads and cliffs in the mountains. That becomes evident from the video. The cliff below is hundreds of feet deep. There was no chance of survival had the sedan fallen in it. One has to consider this a miraculous escape as the Dzire is hanging just a couple of feet apart from falling.

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The YouTuber has an Isuzu V-Cross pickup truck. These off-roading machines are quite popular in the mountains. Their off-roading and towing prowess are very impressive indeed. The people around the hanging Dzire decide to tow the sedan to the pickup truck to pull it out of the parapet. On the first attempt, the rope comes undone. The vlogger ties it securely and tightly the second time. Without much effort, the pickup truck is able to pull the sedan back safely.

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Driving in Snow

It looks like a great way to enjoy while driving in the snow, but one must measure the risks associated with it. Most people, especially tourists who are not residents of the mountain take their regular cars to places with snow. However, most cars are not designed to be driven on the snow. Moreover, people have no expertise in it either. That is what leads to situations like these. We would like to advise our readers to always prevent such scenarios. While the thrill looks exciting. it could very well turn fatal in no time.

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Maruti Dzire Hanging Over Parapet on Road in Snow
Maruti Dzire Hanging Over Parapet on Road in Snow

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