Maruti Grand Vitara Build Quality Tested by Knocking and Pressing Panels

In this video, a vlogger is seen ‘testing’ the build quality of the Maruti Grand Vitara by pressing and knocking on the body panels. Now, we must understand that the actual GNCAP crash test takes a lot more things into consideration before assigning safety ratings to cars. Just by performing such activities won’t reflect the actual build of the vehicle. Nevertheless, it certainly gives an idea of how strong the exterior of the SUV is for everyday use.

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Maruti Grand Vitara Build Quality ‘Tested’

The video has been uploaded by Classic Gears on YouTube. He is the owner of the Grand Vitara. He takes the viewers through the exterior of the SUV. At the front, he shows that the bumper area bends easily because it is made keeping in mind the pedestrian safety. The bonnet looks quite sturdy and so does the roof. As the vlogger moves to the sides, the fender area looks more rugged and tough. The door panels are being ‘tested’ by pressing and shutting the doors repeatedly.

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He mentions that the front door panel is fine but the rear one feels a bit flimsy. Considering the price point this SUV comes at, the YouTuber feels that Maruti Suzuki could’ve done a better job with these. Also, the door handles feel cheap and ordinary. At the rear, the tailgate is a bit light but it is not weak. In this way, the owner shows the strength of the SUV.

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Decent Fit and Finish

On the inside, the fit and finish of the Grand Vitara is quite decent. The quality of plastics used is not premium. But the door panels come with soft-touch materials. However, shutting the doors reveals an unpleasant sound, mentions the vlogger. The roof from the inside also feels sturdy which will not be the case in the higher trims with the sunroof. Overall, the quality is decent to rival other products in the segment.

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Build Quality of Maruti Grand Vitara Tested by Banging and Knocking
Build Quality of Maruti Grand Vitara Tested by Banging and Knocking

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