Maruti Manesar Plant Strike End After 1 Month– Relief For Maruti and Car Buyers


The strike which started at the Maruti Suzuki production facility at Manesar Facility on 29th August 2011 has finally been called off on 1st October 2011 after negotiation between the management and workers on 1st October 2011. The negotiation became successful after the Govt. intervened and facilitated talks between the agitating work force and the management of Maruti Suzuki India.maruti-suzuki-logo-new_thumb


As per the reports, the workers have agreed to sign the “Good Conduct Bond” which created a huge agitation and unrest initially. Also Maruti’s management has agreed to take back some of the suspended workers back to work.

This end to the strike will bring a huge relief to the management and buyers who were suffering long waiting periods because of slow production because of this strike. There was a major loss of production to the new Maruti Swift Diesel which will get resolved and it will help Maruti to speed up the deliveries as more and more people tend to buy cars during the festival season in India which has just started.

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