Rift Between Maruti Workers and Management- Waiting Period May Increase Amongst Low Production


Maruti Suzuki India is facing a tough time to keep good relations with the workers among the rifts taking place between the workers and the management. The recent problem on 24th August when there were merely 96 cars which passed the quality check whereas the total target was to produce 1230 cars on that day. Maruti management is suspecting some of the workers sabotaging the production and tampering with the quality of cars. Maruti Suzuki India has already suspended 21 workers and dismissed some of them indulged in above mentioned activities.


As a recent development, Maruti Suzuki India is asking to sign a “Good conduct bond” only after which they will be allowed to enter the work premises of Maruti. There is heavy security deployment at the plant to keep things under control. The workers on the other hand are alleging the management to force them to refrain from making any labour union using this bond. The workers are saying that management is taking revenge from them after the strike in June 2011.

In the recent past, workers at Maruti went on a 13 day strike in month of June 2011 causing a production loss of about 12,600 cars and a loss of close to Rs. 600 crores to MSIL. The present situation as on 29th August 2011 seems to be tensed and may result in a strike and another production loss if not handled carefully by the management. We hope the matters will be resolved soon and production will come back to normal at MSIL Manesar plant in Haryana. If the production remains slow or stopped, the waiting period for the newly launched Maruti Swift 2011 may further increase beyond 4 months as the supply will be affected amongst slow or delayed production.

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