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Maruti Suzuki Testing New Engine, Start-Stop Technology

Maruti Suzuki has been dominating the hatchback segment in India for a very long time, but it is facing stiff competition now. The company is looking at new products installed with new-to-the-segment technology to woo customers. The trend started with the Maruti Celerio, the AMT equipped car showed customers that an automatic transmission equipped car need not be very expensive to buy and maintain. The success of the Celerio has inspired Maruti to consider adding more technology to their hatchbacks, which includes small diesel engines, small petrol engines and start/stop technology. Test mules of Suzuki models from Japan have been doing the rounds of the Maruti plant in Manesar, we are pretty sure that these models will not be launched in India. But some of the technology that these cars are equipped with are being tested for their compatibility with the varying climatic conditions found in India. Maruti is testing the Suzuki WagonR and Palette in India, both vehicles are exclusively sold in Japan and will never be launched in India.

Suzuki WagonR Spy Shots

Suzuki Palette Spy Shots

While Maruti is testing the start-stop system found on the WagonR, it is testing a 660cc petrol engine that powers the Suzuki Palette.

The start-stop system when employed to any car reduces fuel-consumption by a fair margin, especially if the car is used in city stop-go situations. The new system also cuts off the engine when the vehicle is decelerating and coming to a full stop, saving even more fuel. The new 660cc petrol engine meanwhile is being tested as it will be powering a future small car from Maruti’s stable. The 660cc, 3-cylinder mill with variable valve timing technology in the Palette currently produces 53 BHP @ 6500 RPM and 63 Nm of torque @ 3500 RPM.

It will be interesting to see where Maruti employs these new technologies that it is testing in the these imported mules. Whatever be the case, it seems like Maruti is going to bring some great features to its future lineup of cars, we are excited. Are you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Pic Courtesy: gaadiwaadi.com