Maruti Suzuki And Volkswagen Working Together For VW India Small Car

When it comes to making successful small cars who knows it better than Maruti Suzuki In India. Maruti Suzuki sells over 1 million cars an year with its strong brand value, after-sales-service and presence in every nook and corner of the county. Maruti Suzuki is also known for low cost of ownership because of low spares cost and low maintained cost.

volkswagen-logo maruti-suzuki-logo1

After Volkswagen bough about 19 % stake in Suzuki Motors Japan in 2009, there has been talks of mutual collaboration on development of cars and technologies. As a part of this initiative, Volkswagen India with work with Maruti Suzuki India to develop a small car for India under Rs. 4 Lakh price tag. In return, Maruti will gain from Engine technologies of Volkswagen. This collaboration will prove to be a win-win for both Suzuki and VW. Lets wait and watch while these plans get materialized and India auto industry will get even more choices in hot small car segment.

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