Maruti Suzuki Developing 800 CC Diesel Engine For Alto And Wagon R


At times we have heard some news and some scoops on Maruti Suzuki developing a small diesel engine for its small car lineup, but this time we have more details which have been revealed by renowned publication ET with many juicy details. As per the latest media report, Maruti Suzuki is developing an 800 CC Diesel engine at Suzuki Japan (parent plant) and it is expected to deliver 40 BHP of peak power with a fuel mileage of close to 30 KMPL on Diesel which is second best to none in India so far in diesel car segment. Tata is testing its Tata Nano Diesel with a 800 CC turbocharged 2 cylinder engine which is expected to deliver close to 40 KMPL of mileage!

The Nano Diesel is scheduled for early 2013 launch while the Suzuki’s small engine E2 is expected to take much longer as the engine is still under development. It may take at least 2 more years to be completely ready for Indian roads which means that the small diesel engine cars from Maruti Suzuki with its new E2 800 CC Diesel engine will roll out somewhere in late 2014 or early 2015.


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The development of the E2 800 CC Diesel engine is at very initial stages as of now and since it is being developed from scratch, it will take plenty of time for testing and optimization of the same. After it is tested properly at Japan, it will be then adapted to Indian needs and after due amount of testing only it will make its way to under-the-hood of a Maruti Suzuki small car.

The cars which are expected to get this small diesel engine are 2012 Maruti Alto 800 new model which launches in 800 CC petrol engine in late 2012, Maruti A-Star which is not doing encouraging sales numbers in petrol segment and most likely the Wagon R Diesel which may get the same diesel engine with a little higher power tuning provided that it is slightly above the Alto segment.

With a new small engine developed by Suzuki from scratch, Maruti Suzuki will save hugely on the diesel cars as the each Maruti cars fitted with the Fiat’s 1.3 Litre Multijet engine cost royalty which is paid by Maruti to Fiat for using their diesel engine technology. Moreover at the time when the demand for diesel cars is more than the demand for petrol cars, it makes even more financial sense for Maruti Suzuki to have an indigenous diesel engine. We will keep an eye on the developments and will keep you posted on any new updates. Stay tuned to Car Blog India for more details.

Source – ET