Maruti Suzuki India Exports Rise Whooping 54.3% And Domestic Sales Up By 0.6% In January 2012


Maruti Suzuki India is recovering from the negative growth into a positive phase with the new year 2012. In the months on January 2012, Maruti Suzuki India Exports rose over 54% from 9321 units in 2011 to 14386 units in 2012 in the month of January. However, the domestic sales did not see such significant change, but a positive growth of 0.6% is seen as a good change from the previous months negative numbers.


Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 115,433 vehicles in January, 2012 a growth of 5.2 %. This includes 14,386 units for export, a growth of 54.3%. The company had sold a total of 109, 743 units in January 2011.

Maruti Suzuki Sales Data for January 2012

image – Maruti Suzuki Sales Data for Jan 2012

We hope that India Automobile market recovers fast from this slowdown phase which has been there for past few months and the sales reports of the companies reflect the same in the time to come. Check out more-

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