Maruti Suzuki Swift Plug-in Series Hybrid Car With 37 KMPL Mileage By 2013


Suzuki Motor Corporation is working on developing a plug in Hybrid of Maruti Swift small car. The car is being developed in Japan for Japanese market as of now. The Plug-in Hybrid means that the car will be charged directly by a power outlet from domestic electricity supply. The plug in Hybrid will also be fitted with a small 658CC petrol engine which will be mainly a range extender for the car. Since the car will powered by an electric motor on the front wheels which will produce about 74 BHP of max power to pull the car powered by Lithium Ion batteries.


The plug in Hybrid will have a range of 30 Km purely on battery on a full charge, beyond which, the small MPFI petrol engine, most likely the same engine which powers the  Suzuki Cervo will be the power plant to change the low charge batteries to keep the car going with an overall effective fuel efficiency of 37 KMPL. This kind of arrangement where the engine never turns the axle directly is called as a series Hybrid. The targeted timeline for the launch of Swift Hybrid in Japan is by 2013-14. The car will debut in Japan and may later come to other markets of the world including India later.

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