Maruti Suzuki True Value Sells 4 Million Cars in India Till Date!

The used car market in India is not too occupied or organized at the moment. Officially, not too many original automobile manufacturers are involved in this market. This can be attributed to many factors including many people not willing to buy a used car and people not knowing the benefits of it. They might think that the life of used cars is low and the maintenance costs might be high and that could be the reason that not all manufacturers are present in this space. However, back in 2001, Maruti Suzuki realized the importance of this and set up the True Value showrooms across the country to buy and sell used cars for the customers. It provided a platform for buyers and sellers to officially visit the dealerships and have an experience just like if you would buy a new car. The result is impressive, to say the least. Maruti Suzuki recently announced that it had sold over 4 million used vehicles since 2001 in India.

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This is rather astonishing but come to think about it, Maruti Suzuki is able to do this because of the volume of cars it sells in India. It has been the highest-selling car manufacturer in the country for over 2 decades and the number of vehicles either being bought or sold at a time is very high. Therefore, Maruti Suzuki cashed in on this opportunity to make it official and this is where it is today. We shall try to discuss the reasons for this and take a look at this segment in a bit more detail.

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Warranty and Servicing

The biggest cause for concern for the customers is that if they buy a used car, they won’t have any sort of warranty and they might end up going to the servicing centre very frequently. However, there is not much truth to that. Maruti Suzuki does offer a 1-year warranty, along with 3 free services. This is exactly what you get with a new car as well. More importantly, it must be noted that the cars in the True Value showrooms are not the ones which have been used for 10 years or more by the customers. More often than not, these cars are relatively new and people might have sold them because of various reasons. Then the official mechanics and technicians refurbish the cars and check all the components thoroughly to make them as new as possible. That is the reason that they have only those cars on offer that will not have any complaints about a good amount of time after they are sold.

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Finance, Insurance and Evaluation

When you go to buy a new car, financing options and insurance are also available at the dealers to make it hassle-free for the customers. Customers are able to take benefits of these services under one roof. That is also true with the True Value dealerships across the country. There are 550 outlets in more than 268 cities in India and it has integrated the online experience as well, after the pandemic era. Now you can book an appointment to get your vehicle check at your home. The AI-based computer will evaluate the prices of your car. This is done to promote transparency in the process. Only after proper refurbishment and service check your car is certified. In this way, the overall experience is nothing different than buying a new car.

Environmental Factors

With governments and people becoming more and more environmentally conscious these days, it is a great way to contribute your bit to the environment. Many people just dump their cars on roads or somewhere else and let them decay there, after they think that the car has become useless. This poses serious threats to the environment and causes a lot of pollution and health hazards. That is the prime reason for the government approving the Vehicle Scrapge Policy t get rid of the old vehicles properly. Buying and selling used vehicles help to keep the cars in working conditions for a long time and then eventually sending cars to the scrappage area to properly dispose them off. All the factors combine to have a positive influence on the environment in which we live.