Maruti Swift 2011 May Launch In May 2011? – Update – Aug 2011 Launch Likely


Suzuki is already selling the new model of Swift 2011 in Europe since September 2010 while India is yet to get the new Maruti Swift 2011 which is due for long time now. For past some months, there have been a lot of speculation about the timeline of the launch of Maruti Swift 2011 in India. Earlier reports suggested a launch around and of 2011, then some rumors started spreading about 2nd quarter of 2011.  Two weeks back, I called up a Maruti dealer and asked about the launch of the new Swift, to which he told me that the new Swift maybe announced around the mid of 2011 but deliveries will start around the end of 2011 only. As per the recent information by some Indian automobile publications, Maruti may launch the new Swift in India as early as May 2011.





I would personally consider it a tentative date and can not be totally believed until something official comes up. Although I wish the car to be launched in India as soon as possible as a lot of Swift fans have already been holding up their new car buying decision in the wait of the New Swift 2011. The new Swift will be priced about Rs.30,000 upwards of the existing Swift in India and will have larger dimensions and better interiors and suspension. For complete details and comparison of the existing Maruti Swift and Maruti Swift 2011, check out the link below –

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2011 Vs. Existing Maruti Suzuki Swift

Updated on 30th May 2011

As per the latest information, the launch is on a delayed path and may happen in July or August of 2011. The new Dzire will be launched around December 2011.

Official Prices Announced For Maruti Swift 2011 New Model