Maruti Swift Diesel Instant Delivery Without Waiting!


Maruti Suzuki Swift, the car which is the second best seller in the country has been the car that has had quite a lot of waiting periods ever since it has been launched in the country. The car has atleast 6 months waiting periods which surely makes the buyers go in for other cars in the same segment. But the Swift is also set to have an increase in its already swift sales as Maruti Suzuki has announced that the Maruti Swift Diesel Instant Delivery will be given without any waiting periods till March 17.

Maruti started a an advertisement campaign called the “The Great Diesel Week” under which the Swift will be sold without prior bookings and the Ritz diesel will be sold at a discount of around Rs.45,000. Under the campaign, Maruti has allotted its various dealers with a specific number of cars to be sold during this period so this is kind of a first come first serve sort of a scheme. So if you want to avail this offer, you better rush to the nearest Suzuki dealership.

Maruti Swift Diesel Instant Delivery

The Swift diesel has been a great seller always and it got a big boost in the sales when Suzuki introduced the next generation of the car in 2011. The Swift managed to sell 19,534 units in February which was more than the 18,928 units it sold in January. And the week where the car is going to be sold instantly to the customers, Swift’s sales figures might just touch that magical 20,000 sales figure in the month of March.

The Swift having an upsurge in the sales comes at a time when the automobile industry is witnessing a decrease in the sales figures. The Suzuki Swift diesel is powered by a 1.3 litre Fiat Multijet engine that powers most of the B plus segment hatchbacks in the country . If you can not find a Swift, try considering the Ritz diesel. It has the same heart, comes at a lower price point and to sweeten the deal, Suzuki is giving discounts on the car as well.

Source: IAB