Maruti Swift Dzire 2012 New Model Based On New Swift Launch In India In Jan 2012


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Maruti Swift Dzire is one of the largest selling sedans in India. Since Maruti Suzuki is bringing new Maruti Swift 2011 in India, which is taller, more spacious and has better interiors, it makes all the sense to revamp the Maruti Swift Dzire as well. The new model of Maruti Swift Dzire will be based on the Maruti Swift New Model and will be similar to it except for the rear boot which will be added to the new Dzire Sedan. The new Dzire is already in development and testing phase and will be launched officially in Jan 2012 in the Auto Expo 2012 to be held in Delhi.


The Maruti Swift Dzire 2012 will look much shorter from rear compared to the existing Swift Dzire, approximately 160 to 170mm shorter than the existing Dzire which is 4160 mm in length. This will bring Swift Dzire 2012 new model into the small car segment in excise duty, which in turn will make the new Dzire cheaper than the existing one by at least Rs. 30,000. This price drop can make the deal more favorable for new Dzire compared to the rival sedan of the similar segment.

Also since the new Maruti Swift 2011 is already 155mm longer than the old Swift (on which the Old Dzire is built), the new Dzire is bound to looks smaller from the rear as the overall length of the car on the front is larger than the previous model od Dzire. The new Dzire will inherit the new look front headlamps and new rear and tail lamps from the Maruti Swift 2011. Also the interiors and plastic quality is expected to improve as well. The ride and handling will also improve owing to the new structural and suspensions improvements made in the new Swift 2011.

After the new Dzire 2012 comes to market, the Old Swift Dzire will be discontinued and thus it will help Maruti in two ways. One is the price advantage which will help make the new Dzire cheaper and clock more sales, second being the bigger distinction between the Maruti Swift Dzire and Maruti SX4. Since the SX4 is quite close to the existing Dzire in terms of dimensions, power and other features, Dzire does eat away some of the customers of SX4, but with the new Dzire, the gap will widen because of larger difference in the size of the car and will help boost the SX4 sales as well. More details will emerge with time as the Jan 2012 approaches. Right now we are keenly looking forward to the New Maruti Swift 2011 which is due in a few weeks now. You might also want to check out some related stories on-

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