Police Leave Maruti Swift Hanging on Poles – Here’s Why

Authorities keep devising creative ideas to attract people’s attention in order to make them aware of the safety regulations on the highways.

In a weird turn of events, a Maruti Swift was hanged on a pole making it serve like a sign board. The authorities or personnel who have performed this act represent a witty, practical and unconventional way of grabbing people’s attention. Indian highways are very unpredictable in terms of driving mannerisms or wild animals. Hence, road safety is a huge concern and we, unfortunately, lose thousands of lives every year on our roads. Hence, such a trick could work to direct drivers’ attention toward the speed limit and road safety.

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Maruti Swift Sign Board

As per the information in the video, this case has been reported from Jabalpur Highway in Madhya Pradesh. The highways in MP are quite renowned for being great but people complain regularly about wild cows crossing or sitting on the roads. This could be understood since MP has large uninhabited areas and jungles through which the highways have been constructed. Therefore, animal crossings on highways are a rather common sight. The sign board on which the partially dismantled Swift rests reads ‘Savdhani Hati, Durghatna Ghati’ on one side.

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On the other side, it says something that translates to drive slowly and stay safe. Now, one has to agree that people driving on the highway can’t miss an entire Swift hanging on a pole and would throw a glance at it. That is how the message will get delivered to them. This could be regarded as a practical but unconventional method of raising awareness regarding the safety regulations in our country. People need such messages to get reminded of what could happen if they overspeed looking at the pity condition of the car.

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maruti swift hanging on poles jabalpur police
Maruti Swift place on poles replaces speed limit board on a street in Jabalpur.

Finally, all of us must collectively make an effort to ensure that every citizen follows the traffic rules in order to make our roads a better and safer place. Following traffic rules and avoiding overspeeding are the two simplest and the most effective ways to prevent a ton of unfortunate incidents on the roads. Let us take this pledge together to enhance road safety in India.

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