Maruti Swift Dzire Old Model To Co-exist With A Different Name And Larger Boot


Updated on 19th March 2012-

Maruti Swift Dzire Tour– Old Version Re-Launched For Taxi and Fleet Operators Start At Rs. 4.88 Lakhs

One of the most important information that we got to know from Maruti’s top management at the launch of Maruti Swift Dzire 2012 New Model in India is the fate of the old Swift Dzire. Since the new Swift Dzire comes with a smaller boot, it may not fit the needs of the cab / taxi operators who need large boot for commuting of passengers with larger luggage needs. To keep this in mind, Maruti Suzuki has announced that it will continue certain variants of older Swift Dzire along with the new Swift Dzire. Since the new Dzire had also been named as Maruti Swift Dzire, the older Dzire will be re-named soon, something like we saw with the old Ford Fiesta being renamed to Ford Fiesta Classic after the new car was also launched while the old one was not phased out. This is a big revelation as there has been speculations whether Maruti will phase out old Swift Dzire after launching the new one. The official announcement clarifies the doubt.


image – Maruti Swift Dzire theme car at Auto Expo 2012

One catch here is that the prices of the old Model of Swift may not go down as it still remains larger than 4 meter and still attracts the higher excise duty compared to the new Swift which is loaded with better features and better quality at a killer price. The old Dzire will most likely be available only in Diesel variant that too with limited trim levels. The existing bookings of the Swift Dzire sedan which are yet to be delivered will be handled in the same way as the Swift bookings were handled when the new Swift was launched. The customers will be given an option to convert their existing bookings to the new Swift Dzire bookings if they like or they can still get an old Dzire until they are available.

Also for the availability, the deliveries of the New Swift Dzire start immediately with the bookings also open for the new Dzire. The new Dzire production capacity will be gradually adjusted as per the demand for the car. Looks like Maruti has done the right thing by keeping the two cars selling in parallel as it will save some commercial car customers from going to rival brads.

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