Mazda Cars Launch In India In 2011 Expected


Mazda, the fifth largest Japanese auto giant has been actively analyzing its chances of survival in the Indian Automobile market and is finally ready to enter the same by next year. Apart from India, the Brazilian market was also under consideration but of the two ours is the better one which is quite evident by the company’s decision. During a news conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Tokyo, Mazda CEO Takashi Yamanouchi said,”Mazda wants to become a carmaker with a scale of about 2 million vehicles and raise its presence globally”. He added, “We is expect to sell roughly 3,00,000 cars in emerging markets including Russia, Brazil and India. Mazda also expects the global vehicle sales of 1.32 million cars in March 2012,”


Currently Ford hold a stake of 5% which was 11% before November 2010, but this step of the former is not targeted at a break up unlike the Hero Group and Honda break up. In fact both the companies have already stated of helping each other at crucial points in future expansion plans.

Now it would be extremely interesting to see how Mazda will make its way to our market, whether through Ford or on its own and how well will it perform?