Mercedes Benz CLS Class 2012 Sedan Launched In India At Rs. 67.67 Lakh


Mercedes-Benz India has shown appreciable growth in sales over the past financial year and having full faith in its popularity now, he is focusing on launching new models every now and then. Recently it was the Mercedes C Class which was launched in Delhi and now in Mumbai the luxury car maker has launched the all new Mercedes CLS Class. At the launch of the 2012 C Class, the company already hinted that soon two news models will be produced in the market.

To our surprise the brand has not counted the CLS as one of the two cars, in fact even today they announced that two more models are already lined up for the market and will arrive soon.

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image – Mercedes Benz CLS 2011 India

Comparing the car with the previous 2011 model, it is not featuring any major differences but a number of things are in favor of this new model. First comes the refinement levels which are again a benchmark and being too refined the car gives you utmost pleasure while you are behind the wheel. Interiors are now better and more accommodation is another highlighting aspect of the car. The car is impressive in terms of fuel economy as well as CO2 emissions.

The New CLS-Class comes with the newly developed and revolutionary technology ‘Electromechanical Direct-Steer System‘. This innovative “Active Parking Assist” system with integrated PARKTRONIC provides an unmatched safety to the driver. Equipped with reversing cameras the technology enables the driver with information for the most suitable parking space. It is additionally equipped to help with active steering intervention, creating a more reliable mechanism for better driving comfort. In addition to this comprehensive parking assist feature are audio and visual warnings aided by ultrasonic sensors in the front and rear bumpers.


image – Mercedes Benz CLS 2011 India Front View

The Intelligent lightweight construction plays a decisive role thereby making this car the first vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to have frameless, all-aluminum doors. These are made from deep-drawn aluminum panels with extruded sections, and in comparison with conventional steel doors, are some 24 kilograms lighter. Apart from the doors, the bonnet, front wings, boot lid, parcel shelf, various support profiles and substantial parts of the suspension and engines are all made of aluminum.


image – Mercedes Benz CLS 2011 India Exteriors Rear View


image – Mercedes Benz CLS 2011 India Instrument Panel

Mercedes CLS Class Sedan Specifications & Features In India


  • Length  4940 mm
  • Width  1881 mm
  • Height  1416 mm
  • Weight  1735 kg
  • Fuel tank  80 litres


  • Layout 6 cyls , 3498 cc
  • Max power 306 BHP at 6500 rpm
  • Max torque 370 Nm at 3500 rpm-5250 rpm
  • Installation F
  • Bore/stoke 92.9×86.0 mm
  • Compression ratio 12.0:1
  • Valve gear 4 per cyl



  • Boot Capacity 520 Litres
  • Alloy Wheels  17 Inches


image – Mercedes Benz CLS 2011 India Instrument Cluster

Mercedes CLS Class Sedan Price In India

As mentioned in the the title, the car has been priced at Rs.67.70 Lakh (Ex-Showroom Mumbai).

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