Mercedes GLG Class Will Be Mini G-Wagen From Mercedes Benz

Remember the Mercedes Benz G-Wagen? Back in July 2012, rumours trickled that the company is planning to introduce a “shrunk version” of the G-Wagen which will be a kind of a lifestyle product catering to exclusive customers who can afford that level of luxury. Well, now more news has trickled down about the shrunk G-Wagen on the internet. Code named the X156, the baby G-Wagen, as you would feel like calling it will be named Mercedes GLG Class officially when it rolls out of production. Apart from the GLG, Mercedes has also planned a line-up of 10 new models.


Contrary to the GLA which is more of a posh coupe-crossover, the upcoming GLG will be ferocious. It will be a more thorough-bred off-roader, however predominantly a front-wheel drive likely since it will be built on the MFA platform. The roofline for example is rumoured to be more upright and have a boxy design like the old Gelandewagen. Apart from this will be a tailgate mounted spare wheel, bumper integrated tail lights, front wing top indicators and full length rubbing strips. It seems that the Mercedes GLG will be the most creative of all the new products Mercedes has up its sleeve.

Although, predominantly a front-wheel drive, it will indeed get the Mercedes’ 4MATIC 4 wheel drive system. It will be powered by a 1.6 litre petrol engine producing 122 BHP of power or else a 2.0 litre gasoline producing 156 BHP or 211 BHP. In diesels, it gets a 1.8 litre motor producing 109 BHP or a 2.1 litre with 136 BHP or 170 BHP or 204 BHP. Lot of engine options for a baby SUV! An AMG model is also in the pipeline which will be called the GLG45 AMG featuring bigger brakes, a 7 speed auto gearbox, quicker steering and re-designed front axle to incorporate the improved steering. Expect this to hit the market somewhere in 2015. Not prior to that.

via – AutoBild

Report by- Joy Chatterjee