MG Gloster Goes Off-Roading With 4 People And 90 KG More – Challenge!

Recently, a Twitter user challenged MG Gloster to go off-roading with four people and more than 60 kilograms of dummy weight. Check out the challenge.

MG Gloster is the latest fully grown SUV that has caught the eyes of buyers. Priced very competitively from Rs 29 Lakhs up to Rs 35.38 Lakhs (Ex-showroom), it goes against the likes of Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and Mahindra Alturas G4. Its slightly bigger than Fortuner and Alturas and offers a lot more features.

Recently, MG received a challenge on twitter where a user asked to do off-roading with four people seated inside and 60+ kilograms of dummy weight. The user wanted to know if the Gloster could handle that at the same place where we tried off-roading. MG accepted this challenge and here’s a video of them doing off-roading.

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Four people were seated inside and gym weights of nearly 90 kilograms were put inside the boot. Gloster, in this challenge, does go through a water wading capacity test and also wheel articulation tests. As you can see, the latter two tests are to check its roll over stability and the articulation as well.

MG Gloster seems to take on that challenge very easily, proving that you can take your family for off-roading as well. However, this challenge was performed by professionals, so do not try this yourself. Gloster gets 4WD as standard with differential locking, roll-over control, seven driving modes, adaptive cruise control and traction control.

It gets power from a 2.0 Litre Twin-Turbo diesel engine that produces 218 PS and 480 Nm of peak torque, paired with a 8-speed torque converter unit. The base variants get Hector’s 2.0 Litre diesel engine itself, which is good for 170 PS and 350 Nm, paired with the same gearbox. Meanwhile, check out our detailed review of the MG Gloster!