MG Gloster vs Rivals – Price and Spec Compared!

The MG Gloster is a true blue SUV after a long time and here we compare its specs and prices with its well established rivals – Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavor and Mahindra Alturas G4. Read on to find out how it compares against its rivals.

The word SUV has been used and misused so much in the Indian context that we have almost forgotten what a true blue SUV is really like. Well, after a very very long time, we have a brand new ‘SUV’ in the MG Gloster that’s meant to take on the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavor and Mahindra Alturas G4. A ladder frame chassis, four-wheel drive system, and a big burly diesel engine – the Gloster has everything that makes a serious SUV. Here in this article, we are comparing the specs and price of the SUV against its well established rivals. Does this newest MG have it what it takes to rival the Endeavor and Fortuner, on paper at least? Well, let’s find out.

MG Gloster vs Rivals - Price and Spec Compared!
MG Gloster vs Rivals – Price and Spec Compared!


MG GlosterFord EndeavourToyota FortunerMahindra Alturas G4

The Gloster is by far the largest SUV we have seen in this segment and by quite a margin. And it really makes a great presence on the road when viewed from the outside. It is the longest SUV in its class and that naturally also gives it the longest wheelbase. It is only narrower than the Mahindra Alturas G4 but it is also the tallest of the lot. Frankly, there’s no escaping the sheer size of this vehicle. When driving the SUV however, the Gloster does not make its size overtly obvious from behind the wheel because you get great all-around visibility and that really helps to gauge the dimensions of the SUV.

Powertrain Specifications

MG GlosterFord EndeavourToyota FortunerMahindra Alturas G4
Engine2.0-litre turbo/ 2.0-litre twin-turbo2.0-litre2.8-litre2.2-litre
Torque 375Nm/480Nm420Nm420Nm (MT) / 450Nm (AT)420Nm
Transmission 8-speed automatic10-speed automatic6-speed MT / 6-speed AT7-speed Automatic
Four-Wheel Drive SystemFull-time, (high and low range)
7 drive modes
Full-time, 4 drive modesPart-time ((high and low range)Part-time ((high and low range)

The Gloster is the only SUV here to come with the option of two diesel engines. Both of them are 2.0L diesel units but while one of them gets a single turbocharger, there’s a twin-turbo variant as well. The single-turbo diesel engine of the Gloster is the least powerful of the lot while the twin-turbo diesel engine is the most powerful and by quite a margin. We believe the bulk of the buyers will be option for the more powerful diesel engine. However, in spite of having the best numbers, the Gloster does not have the largest engine among its competition.

The Gloster has the best numbers on paper, both for dimensions and engine specs.
The Gloster has the best numbers on paper, both for dimensions and engine specs.

Numbers aside, the engine on the Gloster does not feel the most energetic and 8-speed automatic gearbox is really slow to react. That really robs the SUV of a lot of performance you’d expect with such high numbers. The SUV however does come to its element when you go off-roading and the numbers do not matter so much. In terms of on-road performance, the competition clearly outshines the Gloster but it does make up some ground when it comes to off-road ability. The Gloster along with the Endeavor also gets full-time four-wheel drive while the Fortuner and Alturas G4 gets part-time four-wheel drive. The Gloster also gets seven drive modes, more than any of the rivals.

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MG GlosterFord EndeavourToyota FortunerMahindra Alturas G4
Prices (ex-showroom)Rs 28.98 lakh to Rs 35.38 lakhRs 29.99 lakh to Rs 35.10 lakhRs 30.67 lakh to
Rs 36.88 lakh
Rs 28.72 lakh to Rs 31.72 lakh

It was previously speculated that the Gloster would be the most expensive SUV in its class but MG Motors has clearly proved us wrong by positioning the Gloster extremely competitively. In fact, the Gloster has one of the most affordable entry-level prices. You however only get the single-turbo diesel engine with the entry-level variant. At the top end, the Gloster is priced neck and neck with the Endeavor and the Fortuner. The Alturas G4 is still the most affordable of the lot.

MG Gloster interiors.
MG Gloster interiors.

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Where the Gloster really makes a case for itself is in the features and equipment department. No other SUV in this class is equipped as generously as the Gloster. That includes a bigger touchscreen, more speakers, more adjustability for the powered driver’s seat, tri-zone climate control, and more ambient lighting options and of course, the much talked about Advanced Driver Assistance System which is not offered in any of its rivals. If premium feel and features are your priority, the Gloster wins it easily. For everything else, the competition is still very strong.