MG Hector will get a mild-hybrid option in India- Report

The India-bound MG Hector is going to get a petrol-hybrid powertrain option in addition to the standard petrol and diesel derivatives.

The MG Hector SUV, set to launch in India by mid-2019, is going to offer a mild-hyrbid powertrain option in India. This will be in addition to the standard petrol and diesel derivatives which will also be on offer. The mild-hybrid system will be synced with the petrol derivative only. The system is going to be a 48V unit.

MG hector rear image

This 48V mild-hyrbid system in the MG Hector is going to provide an additional 20 Nm of peak torque. This will facilitate driving in low-speeds and also help in countering turbo-lag. This 48V battery will be charged with the help of regenerative braking. There will be an automatic engine start-stop feature that is going to switch the engine when idling.

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This mild-hyrbid system, paired to the petrol engine is going to offer an additional 12% fuel-efficiency in comparison to the standalone petrol derivative. The exact fuel-efficiency figures of the MG Hector are not out yet. The 12% increase in the mild-hybrid derivative fuel-efficiency should bring it close to that of the diesel derivative.

The petrol derivative of the MG Hector will get a 1.5-litre unit. While the diesel derivative is going to get a 2.0-litre unit. The transmission options will include a 6-speed manual and an automatic gearbox.

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The MG Hector will be loaded with features up-to-the-brim. It is expected to fall in-between the price range of INR 12 lakh to INR 18 lakh. With this, it primary competition is going to include Tata Harrier, Mahindra XUV300, Jeep Compass and Hyundai Tucson.

In addition to launching the Hector, MG is also planning to launch an all-electric SUV in the Indian market. Likely to be the eZS, the same is confirmed to make its debut in India sometime by the end of this year. Offering a range of 428 K, this vehicle is expected to fall in-between the price range of INR 15-lakh to INR 20-lakh.