Mini Cooper Crossover SUV–Mini Countryman Launch In India In 2011


BMW,the German car maker is all set to launch the compact crossover, an SUV style variant of Mini Cooper which is called the Mini Countryman in India. The SUV will be based on the shape and design of the iconic British car Mini Copper which is admired by a many. The more interesting part is that it will be assembled in India at BMW’ India‚Äôs Chennai plat which means that the car will cost quite affordable in its segment of SUVs. The expected price is between Rs. 18 Lakhs and Rs. 20 Lakhs.


The Mini Countryman SUV will features 4 wheel drive technology called the Mini All4 which is an on-demand torque split technology which is an optimization between traction and fuel efficiency. The detailed specs are not clear as yet, but it is expected to feature a powerful CRDI Diesel engine with enough power to pull the massive SUV structure of the Countryman. It may have a 1.6 Litre Diesel heart with a 6 speed manual transmission. Stay tuned for more detailed and information. Get free email updates or follow @carblogindia on twitter.

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