Mitsubishi Small Car In India – May Arrive Soon


Mitsubishi is the fourth largest Japanese manufacturer who initially was quite successful with the very aggressive and amazing car Mitsubishi Lancer. Its been 8-10 years since the car was launched and we could still see some on the roads which clearly tells the success of this car in the Indian automobile industry.

Mitsubishi Outlander was the next car which the company had a lot of hopes from, but disappointingly it was unsuccessful in delivering the company what it expected. The brand is rising its hopes once again with plans of launching a small car in India within the next three years.


The car is supposed to compete against Hyundai i20, Fiat Grande Punto, Maruti Ritz, Volkswagen Polo, Maruti Swift and Nissan Micra all of which belong to the B+ segment which is growing at the most rapid rate as compared to the other segments.

one of the company officials said, “We can no longer afford to ignore the Indian market. We cannot have a foot-hold in India if we do not have a presence in the small car segment. So, this is not just going to be a logical extension for us but a very crucial one, too. We are exploring ways to tune the ‘eco car’ we are building in Thailand for India,”

The market is becoming more and more competitive and we cannot wait for more hatchback entering the market.

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