Maruti Suzuki To Bring More CNG Cars To Counter Reduced Petrol Cars Demand


Most car manufacturers in India are putting their money on developing and manufacturing more and more diesel cars as the demand for the diesel cars is almost at its peak in past few years. The unprecedented petrol prices and vague difference between petrol and diesel prices in India has led to this high demand of diesel cars. Since the dynamics of cost of ownership are likely to change after India union budget of 2012 in India which is expected to bring special duties or taxes in Diesel cars making them even more expansive, Indian largest passenger car maker, Maruti Suzuki India has decided to stick to the development of more and more CNG cars for India. So far, Maruti offers 5 CNG cars in India with factory fitted CNG.


image – Maruti Ritz At Auto Expo 2010

As per an official statement by R.C Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti Suzuki India:

“The five models with CNG option launched by Maruti Suzuki have been received well by customers in areas where the fuel is available. We plan to launch more vehicles with the CNG option. Government support is required to make CNG available across the country. Adequate CNG needs to be allocated for automotive use.”

He also told that Maruti’s research engineers are also working on cost effective Hybrid and electric vehicle development for Indian needs. In coming years, Maruti may bring some concepts or prototypes of the same for display. In the Auto Expo 2010, Maruti did exhibit its Maruti SX4 Hybrid and Maruti EECO Hybrid which were used at the commonwealth games of the year 2010 in India.


image- SX4 Hybrid at Auto Expo 2012

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