Maruti Suzuki’s Trouble Increases As Other Suzuki Plant Workers Join The Strike


Maruti Suzuki seemed to have found the solution to the worker’s agitation by hiring fresh workforce for its Manesar plant and moving Swift production to Gurgaon Plant, but un the latest turn of events, the solutions seems to have backfired. To support the workers at Maruti Suzuki’s Manesar plant, workers from two more Suzuki companies – Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd. and Suzuki Motorcycles India Ltd. have also gone on strike. These workers are demanding that Maruti management should settle the issue with Manesar workforce as soon as possible. The two new companies of Suzuki, which are located in Gurgaon-Manesar belt only, are now facing stoppage of production.


While the strike at Suzuki Motorcycles India Ltd. does not directly impact the production at Maruti Suzuki’s cars production, but the Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd. does supply powertrain and transmission components to Maruti Suzuki, which may result in impact of production at both Manesar and Gurgaon plant of Maruti Suzuki India.

This recent development is expected to make the Maruti’s management take some quick actions to resolve the current situation which is creating all this tension between the Management and workers. This situation is on since 29th August 2011 and its been two weeks of tough time for both workers and Maruti. The production loss at Manesar is causing financial losses to MSIL and also increasing waiting periods of some popular cars like Maruti Swift 2011. Some of the customers of Maruti are even considering cars of other brands because of increase in the waiting period, which is not a pleasant news for any car brand.

We hope this issue is soon resolved and both parties come to some agreement soon. We will keep up updated on the development. You can like our official Facebook Page for latest updates and also sign up for our free email newsletter for updates via email.

via- ET

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