Tata Pixel To Take Place Of Tata Nano Europa – Will Enter Production Soon


Recently at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show out of all the amazing cars showcased there, one car stood out and probably drew a unique attention. Tata displayed its latest concept small car Tata Pixel at the show and believe us the response was simply overwhelming.

On-lookers as well as critics, both were highly fascinated and praised this new product from our very own Indian manufacturer. In fact the appraisal was so impressive than the manufacturer has now decided to dump Tata Nano Europa, which was supposed to enter production for the European markets and now Tata Pixel will take its place.


Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata, in talks with Autocar said that the new model will replace the Europa partly and production version will come with conventional doors instead of the scissors doors presented in the concept model. He added, after getting into production the car will become the ‘the most package-efficient 4-seater in the world’.

Tata Pixel Small Car Concept Specifications

The Pixel is equipped with a rear mounted 1.2 Litre, 3-cylinder, CRDI diesel engine which produces a maximum power of 60 BHP and as per the claim made by the company, it delivers an impressive mileage of 29.4 km/l i.e. 3.4 litre per 100 km. Another impressive characteristic is the CO2 emissions of 89 grams.

Dimension wise it is 250 mm shorter than the Tata Nano and despite the its smaller design it can accommodate 4 adults. It features Zero Turn toroidal traction-drive IVT(Infinitely Variable Transmission) which helps the car achieve a remarkable turning radius of 2.6 meters compared to the 4 meters of Nano. So the bottom line is that Pixel would be the most suitable option for buyers in India as well as abroad not only because of its amazing features but practicality as well.

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