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First popularized by the Americans in the 30’s, a cruiser is a stylish motorcycle that places great emphasis on tractability and ride comfort. Another highlight of these motorcycles is the somewhat unconventional riding position that they offer – feet positioned forward, hands on a high-set handlebar and an erect spine. While most of the cruiser bikes out there offer oodles of style and a sufficiently powerful engine, what really sets these machines apart from other breeds of bikes is their great mile-munching prowess. Now, the Indian bike market, which has so far seen the most action at its commuter-end, is finally warming up to some more exciting machinery. The gazillion variants of the Pulsar, along with other brands of motorcycles such as the Karizma and the YZF-R15, have already paved the way for future low-capacity sportsbikes headed to our shores, but a section of Indian premium motorcycle market that still begs for some more action is the Indian cruiser bike segment. Yes, we do have some competent models in the form of Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Bajaj Avenger, but the consumer isn’t exactly spoiled for choice and can surely do with more flavors to choose from. Here, in this post, we offer you a glance at the best cruiser bikes in India Under 2 Lakhs –


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Best Cruiser Bikes in India Under 2 Lakhs – Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350

Arguably the most popular cruiser motorcycle in India since half a decade or so, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 has already seen a couple of facelifts and engine updates. The Thunderbird 350, which comes from the very popular retro-styled bike manufacturer, impresses with its style, performance and poise. Oh, and the large fuel tank of 20-litre is an additional bonus.

Specification and Price

  • Top Speed: 121kph
  • Engine: 346cc, Single-cylinder, 19.8 bhp, Twinspark,
  • Gearbox: 5-Speed
  • Weight: 192 Kgs
  • Fuel Tank: 20-ltrs
  • Mileage: 32 km/ltr (avg)
  • Price Ex-Showroom Delhi: Rs. 1,36,050 (May vary)

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Best Cruiser Bikes in India Under 2 Lakhs – Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

Bigger is better, no? The Thunderbird 500 not just boasts of all the traits of its smaller sibling, but also gets a more powerful engine to make it an even more accomplished cruiser.

Specification and Price

  • Top Speed: 130kph
  • Engine: 500cc, Single-cylinder, 27.2 bhp, Twinspark
  • Gearbox: 5-Speed
  • Weight: 195 Kgs
  • Fuel Tank: 20-ltrs
  • Mileage: 27 km/ltr (avg)
  • Price Ex-Showroom Delhi: Rs. 1,73,000 (May vary)

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Marine Paint Right Side

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Best Cruiser Bikes in India Under 2 Lakhs – New Bajaj Avenger Street & Cruise

Bajaj recently gave the budget cruiser a comprehensive makeover and launched it with a 150cc engine along with the older model’s 220cc power unit. The Avenger is now available in two avatars – Cruise and Street. While the cruise is available with only the 220cc motor, the Street can be had with a 150cc unit as well.

Specification and Price

  • Top Speed: 110 kph/120 kph
  • Engine: 150cc/220cc, Single-cylinder
  • Gearbox: 5-speed
  • Fuel Tank: 14-litres
  • Mileage: 65 km/l
  • Price Ex-Showroom Delhi: Rs. 75,000 (Street 150)/Rs. 84,000 (Street & Cruise 220)


Best Cruiser Bikes in India Under 2 Lakhs – UM Renegade Commando

United Motorcycles Global, a Miami-based motorcycle manufacturer, has finally launched the UM Renegade Commando in the country.

Specification and Price

  • Top Speed: 110 kph/120 kph
  • Engine: 279cc, Single-cylinder
  • Gearbox: 6-speed
  • Fuel Tank: 13-litres
  • Mileage: 35 km/l
  • Price Ex-Showroom Delhi: Rs. 1,59,000


UM Renegade Commando

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  1. One hopes the UM Global management keeps the prices of their bikes competitive enough to stay afloat in a price sensitive Indian market. Our very own Bajaj Avenger series (150 CC-220 CC)offers the bikes at great prices(Rs. 75000- Rs. 84000) and the UM Global will do a good job keeping this in mind.

  2. The Bajaj Avenger Cruise and Street 220cc have had a great amount of refinement done to the entire bike since its been on Indian roads for a fairly long time. Feature by feature I would put my faith and money into The new Avengers. They are Indian Street Smart.

  3. Do you trust the UM motorcycles guys? It seems they vanished from the US market leaving their dealers with unsold inventories and bike owners struggling without any spares or anything.
    And they dont manufacture themselves…its all china make…

  4. I am afraid what Sourav is saying is correct. In Bangalore they have only one showroom, but they lack the service center. If they vanished from US market leaving the dealers with inventories, think what will be the situation in India if this happens. Also their price is double what Bajaj is offering. Better to invest in Indian make brand rather than some other. Also, I have not verified about the Chinese spare parts of UM renegade, then I am afraid about the jugaad we have to do for every time we go for servicing UM Renegade bike.

  5. Avenger is better than um bcoz the price is matter and cc avenger 220 is 85000and um is 149000 the cc is 273 means better avenger cruise

  6. on road cost is 1,98,000 in Hyderabad (Himayatnagar) . Recently I went for a test drive, it was good feeling. But it has so many things need to be improved.

  7. Nothing comes close to a Royal Enfield, the longest running production company since 1901. on a long ride, u should expect anything- electrical failures, fuse blow-outs, cable snaps and ,more. u get the service and spare for an RE anywhere in India.


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