New Ather Scooter To Be Priced Around A 125cc Scooter – Report


Ather Energy is reportedly developing a new scooter, which will not be a premium one. It will be budget focused, coming in competition with 125cc scooters.

Last year, reports came in that Ather was going to launch two new electric scooters in India by 2021. Currently, it has the 450 and 340, out of which the latter has been temporarily discontinued.

Autocar reports that the EV startup is working on an affordable scooter, which can be expected by next year. The 450 is priced at Rs 1.23 Lakhs (ex-showroom), making it the most expensive electric scooter in India.

Ather Electric Scooter

The upcoming scooter will come at a price that is near to the 125cc petrol-powered scooters. Basically, it plans to enter the mass-market electric scooter segment, where Hero is already dominating.

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Ather had earlier disclosed that it plans to achieve one lakh units by mid-2021 (June 2021). Staying on the premium side that definitely not help the brand in achieving such a high target.

So, we can expect some downsizes, like steel and cast-iron materials for the components. The features can also be reduced, mainly losing the smart instrument console of the 450.

The electric motor and battery will also be a bit smaller in capacity, thus delivering a shorter riding range and a lower top speed. Reports suggest that the powertrain changes will be mild.

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Looking at the 125cc scooter segment, there is Hero Destini 125, TVS Ntorq 125, Suzuki Access 125 and Honda Activa 125 are the best sellers here. All of these are priced between Rs 60,000 to 70,000.

So, expect the upcoming Ather scooter to be priced in this same price range. Premium features are expected given that it needs to provide a stiff competition in this segment.

Meanwhile, the EV startup is also planning to expand its operation to the cities, starting with Chennai.