Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS Pics And Launch Details

A handful of new Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS Pics have cropped up on the cyber world. Launch is likely to take place by June this year

Surprise surprise!! Just when we thought Bajaj Auto Ltd has been too busy with the development of the Pulsar 200 SS, Pulsar 400 SS and the Pulsar 400 CS; some new images, which show an upcoming Pulsar model, have taken us by quite a pleasant surprise! The new Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS pics that you see on this page surfaced some days back and show a rather interesting upcoming Pulsar model in all its glory. Also, unlike the earlier spy pics from Indonesia, the recent spy pics have been taken in India, with one of the two being from the bike maker’s chakan facility. The Pulsar 200 AS seems to be developed on the lines of KTM Adventure models and as you might have guessed it by now, the ‘AS’ moniker stands for Adventure Sports!

Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS (Adventure Sports) to sit between NS and SS variants

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Rumours suggest that the Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS launch will follow the arrival of the new Pulsar RS 200 aka 200 SS, which has already started reaching the Indian dealerships.

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At first glance, the bike you see here looks like a rather tastefully modified Pulsar 200 NS, but a look at the blank registration plate, along with the Pulsar 200 SS that it accompanies are reasons enough to believe that this one’s coming straight from the factory!

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It is being said that the Bajaj Pulsar 200 AS price in India would be only a bit higher than its naked sibling’s price, which means that the AS 200 would retail for less than a lakh rupees. Quite obviously then, the AS will sit between the NS and the SS in the Pulsar’s 200cc family.


While the Pulsar 200 AS doesn’t look exactly like the 200 NS, it needs to be mentioned here that except for a front fairing that looks much like the one on the new Discover 150F, there’s nothing really to differentiate from the 200 NS. From whatever can be made out from the pictures above, the 200 AS has the same seat, same positioning of the footrests, same swing arm and the same suspension.

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In all likelihood, the bike would be powered by its naked sibling’s 200cc powerplant. For the AS, there won’t be a Fuel Injection system, which means that there are good chances that the 200 AS would enjoy same power and torque figures. As we said above, the bike will also share the suspension with the 200 NS. Also, it won’t get an ABS-unit, at least not as a standard feature.

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